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Welcome to Tabaco City Water District

General Manager

Welcome to the TAWAD's new Web site. The TAWAD family and has redesigned and updated our site that would take you our customers to all the relevant information you need, thus making it easier for you to reach us.

As you go through our page, you can get up-to-date information of the water district's services and accomplishments. We are certain that you would find useful information in website including general facts about the district and our annual accomplishment reports. You can get also to know all of our organization staff as you click on the link of the Organizational Chart to the left. As we all know, every drop counts that is why we have also included useful tips to help you conserve water.

Transparency Seal is one of our newest features designed to support the national government's commitment to enhancing transparency and enforcing accountability to the public. With this, downloadable items of documents namely (i) Agency Mandate and Functions, Name of Officials, and Contact Information, (ii) Physical and Financial Accountability Reports/Financial Statements, (iii) Approved Budgets and Targets, (iv) Major Programs and Projects, (v) Program/Project Beneficiaries as identified in the applicable special provisions, (vi) Status of Implementation of Major Programs and Projects, and (vii) Annual Procurement Plan, Contract Awarded and the Name of Contractors/Suppliers/Consultants is just a few clicks away.

We are pleased to announce that domestic water customers now have the ability to set up online payments through their banks. Also, businesses wanting to work with TAWAD are welcome to participate with our latest online bidding. TAWAD is also open to your needs and suggestions and also, we would love to hear from you of the experiences you had with our services as we make it trouble-free for you, contact us through this site.

We are positive that this improvement would make you enjoy your easier access to TAWAD. Feel free to browse through our website and check back regularly as we continue to give you satisfaction on our new and exciting features.

Thank you for patronizing Tabaco City Water District!

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